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Water is essential. And only when access to clean, safe drinking water is limited do people realize its importance. Because of this, CAESER is committed to educating the public and empowering them to make informed decisions about water resources, as well as how water is connected to quality of life.

We can provide on-site educational programming for the following:

  • General public
    • CAESER faculty and staff are available to speak at various meetings with tailored talks
    • Participation in public festivals and events
  • Educational setting (elementary to university)
    • Classroom visits, including hands-on activities, for grades K-12
    • Field trips to research sites for high school students
    • Internships for college students
  • Government entities
    • CAESER provides information to government organizations and representatives through presentations and data resources
    • CAESER participates in the Blue Stream Task Force, an initiative founded by former City of Memphis mayor, A.C. Wharton
  • Business and industry
    • CAESER provides information to business and industry to help them understand the benefits and value of our water resources, and how they can impact their sustainability

Water on Wheels

Water on Wheels (WOW) is a mobile learning experience focused on the science of water. It is designed to travel to schools and community events, educating visitors about the source of drinking water in Memphis and the Mid-South, and about how the water cycle is connected to all of life.

The goal is for visitors to walk away with knowledge about the importance of water and what they can do on a daily basis to conserve water quantity and preserve water quality.

The colorful exhibits are designed to enlighten and engage visitors. Most of the exhibits feature buttons or a handle that allow visitors to explore the topics by interacting with the display. Additionally, each exhibit features printed text panels, allowing visual learners to learn at their own pace.

Bring The Power Of Water Education To Your School Today

At a school, the WOW is a teaching tool that increases student knowledge about the water cycle and its impact on daily life. Instead of taking an off-site field trip, the WOW is a field trip that comes to your school at a fraction of the cost and time. Teachers wanting to create a comprehensive learning experience for their students will want to use specially created lesson plans that complement the WOW exhibits. These free lesson plans are for students in grades 4th through 6th, and incorporate Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

As part of the WOW experience, a teacher may want to add an additional learning opportunity where students build their own aquifer in a cup under the supervision of a WOW educator. This hands-on activity provides students with materials and step-by-step guidance to develop a better understanding of how the Memphis aquifer works. This hands-on and visual demonstration allows students to watch water as it saturates the sand. They’ll understand the concept of an impermeable clay layer and how it protects the sand aquifer. The concepts of water contamination and pollution are also illustrated in this activity.

The WOW debuted in 2014 and even though displays in the WOW were created with students in 4th through 6th grades in mind, adults find the material relevant, interesting and informative. With water issues around the world making the news frequently, water is something that's no longer taken for granted. The WOW offers adult visitors an opportunity to learn about water resources locally, nationally and globally.

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